The best athlete in my lifetime of coaching was gentle and kind, yet super competitive, his name was Jonathon Stringier.

Jonathon was our star center at the U of Alaska. His 21 rebounds and 21 points per game powered the Nanooks to their first ever college winning season.

Springer was a gift to Coach Crowell. Each game we had five timeouts. Each of these precious timeouts was used to rest Jonathon. We could not afford to sub him for more than a minute at a time. One minute timeouts plus one minute rest gave our star two full minutes for recovery.

Recovery rate is a clear indication of an athlete’s physical fitness.

In life, healthy people have fast recovery rates. Unhealthy people take days, weeks, months or even years to recover and repair damages. Far too many people have poor emotional recovery rates and go to their death with unfinished business to attend to.

Jonathon Springer’s physical recovery rate was exceptional because he was lean and mean. He consistently ate a good diet. No one practiced or outworked Mr. Springer. He was a winner at every sport and had a no quit attitude.

The people I know with the fastest recovery rates live these core values:

  1. Each day does a personal self-existential diagnosis, (taking inventory). Have I wronged anyone? Do I need to forgive anyone? Then take immediate action steps towards restoration.
  2. Dedicates at least 15 minutes in silent meditation to visit with the Heavenly Father.
  3. Has a daily practice of verbally stating five gratitudes.
  4. Chooses to speak well of people and avoids negative talk.
  5. Makes sweet music – a happy person.

Gee, I want to be this person.