Sounds too good to be true. Well, truthfully it is priceless but it is not absolutely free. This priceless vacation does not cost one red cent; however, it costs your time and your devoted attention.

This priceless vacation which costs absolutely nothing monetarily is called the vacation to your secret garden, your sacred place.

This priceless vacation is named a secret garden because it is your place and your place alone. No one can enter your secret garden without you being there.

The Secret Garden must have a Sacred Place. The two together become your priceless vacation. It is here you experience peace, restoration, energy, hope, and your best self.

All vacations demand planning. All vacations demand effort. 

getty_rm_photo_of_couple_unpacking_automobileToo often vacations are hard work, too expensive, and leave the vacationer exhausted. They come home too tired and in need of rest.

Not so with the Secret Garden and a Sacred Place vacation.

Instructions in planning and preparing your priceless vacation:

First, choose a sacred place. The ideal is a place in your home or yard where it is peaceful, quiet, and restful. 

Second, enter your sacred place with the intent to be quiet, to be still, and to listen.

Third, practice the art of slowing everything down in your being. This can be done by listening to your breath, repeating. Slowly repeating wonderful phrases until you find yourself centered.

Fourth, be mindful of the gift of imagination. Use this gift to take yourself to places of joy, gratitude, thanksgiving, and love.

Initially, finding your secret garden may be difficult.

Some days the pressures of life is so great it won’t be possible to find your secret garden. This is why the sacred place is so important. We can control our environment.

One day it will come when you look forward to your daily priceless vacation. When you have missed a few days you actually miss your priceless vacation.

In reading the great Saints of history, it is my conviction we find The Holy Trinity, Abba Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, in our own, personal Secret Garden.

If you and I ever have an opportunity, you have my invitation to join me at my sacred place where we will vacation in my secret garden. It would be a privilege.