Doctor Shann Ferch, my highly esteemed, intellectual son-in-law, introduced me to Phenomenology (phe·​nom·​e·​nol·​o·​gy). He is also respected as my daughter Jennifer’s husband and cherished father to their three miracle daughters. In research for his doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology (The Essence of the Forgiving Touch), he explored phenomenology. 

Phenomenology is the examination of actual knowledge as it occurs in real processes, experiences; it is the logic of metaphysical ideas and how they appear to themselves. For further understanding, I related it to my life in basketball, a type of existential diagnosis. To me, this is like taking one’s eyeballs out of one’s head and watching self in action, especially while mastering a skill (as basketball shooting).

Since phenomenology is a relatively new science, it needs to be explained. Scientifically, it is as valid as laboratory research done for vaccinations. It is just a different type of research, related to experience. The 20% life experience advantage gives phenomenology validity.

Consequently, the life experiences of human gratitude, positivity, hopefulness, confident thinking can give a person a 20% life advantage in relationships. We can be thankful for this.

How do you and I then make this advantage work for us? I will relate it first to coaching, then to practical marriage relationships, and finally to my profession.

  • In athletic teams, a coach with a physically talented team and the 20% life advantage mindset should excel over a coach who has just a physically talented team.
  • In my marriage relationship, today I sought to use my PPR (purpose, passion, responsibility) to please my wife, asking her what I could do to help. I was asked to demonstrate my PPR by cleaning our house bathrooms with purpose, passion, and responsibility!
  • In my professional writing of the book Words of Hope, my 20% life advantage purpose is to give HOPE to as many as possible, desiring to have the book in the hands of thousands. 

May you find your PPR today. Life will be sunshine bright and warm… I promise!