True success is how far you are able to rise above the place of beginning.

If you start at zero and end up at 10 you are a true success.

If you start at nine and ends at 10 you are not a true success.

Duplicate bridge is one game that rewards getting the most out of what you have been given.

Each team plays the same hands of cards. The win goes to the partners who get the maximum performance.

Real success in life is measured and rewarded in the same manner. Some have been given much, but do little with what they have been given. This is not success.

The Apostle James gives us a formula for success.

The Apostle James gives us a formula for success:


James tells us pain, troublesome times, are the fuel needed for faith. Faith forces us to have endurance; a never quit attitude.

Endurance develops pure character. A life toolbox filled with pure character provides the correct instruments needed to help us solve the most difficult problems life throws at us.

As we count it pure joy when tough times come, we are best equipped to win the battle. If we fall into self-pity, life becomes more difficult.

I like the saying when the going gets tough the tough get going. Sometimes all we can can do is BUCK UP.   

Bucking up is like “acting as if” or “fake it until you make it.”

Never never quit is a choice.

As we embrace pain we develop faith which grows endurance that compounds into pure character which empowers us with the ability to win.


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