These Chinese flowers give evidence to the elegance, beauty, and grandeur of the miracle of creation.

The China basketball experience continues to warm my heart and move me to gratitude.

This beautiful bouquet was presented to each NBC – USA coach. Steve Altmeyer, Preston Wynne, and I, all had the same thought as we held our massive bundle of magnificent flowers.

Wish we could have given these to our wives back at home in the USA.

As I look at each flower, I see a parallel between them and people. They are alike yet they are not exactly alike.

Each flower has its own individual beauty.

Each human has its individual beauty.

Each flower draws the attention of a different person. Not all people like the same flower.

Each person is drawn to different people in the same manner as one is drawn to a specific flower.

People are more beautiful than flowers when our lights shine with love and kindness, joy and happiness.

People are more beautiful than flowers when our lips sing songs of joy and our words speak life.  

People are like Flowers. We need water and sunlight. People are like flowers when we bring beauty and fragrance to our personal worlds.

People like flowers are God’s gifts to all who come near us.

People are like flowers; easily damaged.


Slowly view each flower this remarkable beautiful bouquet.  Try to see each flower as a person In your life.  Try to imagine how you can fully appreciate them.

Susie and I went through all the family members. We chose a flower which resembled best the qualities if each person, it was a delightful time. Try it with your family.