Mike is an amazing example of a miracle.

Former superintendent of schools, coached two Washington State girls’ state basketball teams and one golf championship team.

Judy was the love of Mike and their son Eric’s lives. In their 43rd year of marriage, Judy ended a valiant fight with dirty Mr. Cancer.

Judy and Mike had built a beautiful home for their retirement years. An insensitive visitor during the final days of hospice said, “Judy you must be really sad you are not going to be able to enjoy your lovely, new home.”

Softly a very tired yet peaceful Judy said, “Oh No! I have an upgrade waiting for me in heaven.”

For the past three years Mike has allowed me to champion him as he did all my life.

Mike came into the world 385 days before me. I see him as the best older brother possible. He has cheered every success and suffered each loss during my life experiences.

Look carefully at the photo. It is a former train trestle. Thousands of logs came across Fidalgo Bay during our boyhood days in Anacortes to Uncle Walt’s log boom where we rafted logs.

Mike’s story moves us to compassion to all those in our world of influence. Fact is, we, or ones we love will walk alone on our separate paths.

Hope is at the end of the path. Gratitude is the path. The Lord’s love is fuel to our engine.

“All paths lead somewhere. Sunset in background. The path could lead to hope, happiness, joy, and home to a loved one.” – Mike Crowell

Thank you Mike Crowell for being a solid rock in my life. Thank you for your words of wisdom and photo that speaks a thousand words. I am not the only one who wishes to thank you today.

Mike you are a blessing to all who come in contact with YOU! Generous, compassionate, kind, trustworthy, character and integrity are qualities that come to mind when I think of you but what mostly what comes to mind is your love and commitment to family, friends and our Savior Jesus. You have been and continue to be an inspiration! Thank you for including me so I could share as well. God Bless the Crowell family!”
– Karen Evans

Tomorrow is a new day, whatever it brings.

Sometimes I wish I knew where it leads. I do know it is a lonely walk. These past two days I have walked over 28,000 steps. Hope keeps me walking to Him.


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