Want some joy? If yes, read a children’s book to a young child.

Few happy life experiences mean more to me than having our 5 year old Kingston and 3 year old Giavanna sit on my lap entranced as I read Tootle; the young train engine working to be an American Flyer.

This delightful book was written in 1945. The American Flyer was the fastest train in the world. It covered two miles in 60 seconds. That’s an incredible; 120 miles per hour. The AF connected Chicago to New York in record times.

Young Tootle had to master three key skills:

  1. Working hard.
  2. Never missing a red flag.
  3. Staying on the track – No Matter What!

Day after day, the grandchildren wanted Papa Suave to read Tootle.

Later each day, I coached high school boys basketball. Great basketball players work hard, never miss Fred flags, and take care of the basketball No Matter What.

This wonderful book has inspired me to name my own, No Matter What’s. In fact, I play the Crowell No Matter What Game with family and friends. We take turns naming No Matter What’s.

These are a few of my favorites:

  • No matter what – cancer can’t steal my joy.
  • No matter what – my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ
  • No matter what – I will love my family with all my mind heart and soul until my last breath on earth.
  • No matter what – I will laugh smile and bring joy to others each day of my life.

Your turn to play my new game, pick a friend and enjoy No Matter What and guess what, you’ll be like the American Flyer, you will stay on the course of life’s tracks no matter what!


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