“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.”

As remarkable and beautiful as Alaska’s magnificent mountains is the notion of God’s promise that He, God reigns.

Our lives are in His hands. It is appointed once for us to die and after that the judgment. We are totally in His hands.

Yes, how lovely are the mountains the feet of Him who brings good news. Paul said, “all who place their lives in Jesus Christ will never be disappointed.”

For over 50 years it has been my privilege to recommend Jesus Christ to every human being regardless of their life situation. He does not disappoint! Even in a fierce battle with naughty Mr. cancer, He alone does not disappoint! Who else in this world is more than able to bring good news and never disappoint?

My life joyfully and boldly, claims Jesus Christ alone is worthy to be the premier mountain in our lives. He is worthy to be called My King. The song “Majesty” is my song.

Mountains inspire me unless I am trying to climb one. Mountains are symbols of the major power and strength of God, Abba Father.