Everyone is a teacher! The title teacher is not inclusive to those who are certified academic instructors.

The most effective teacher is one’s life experience. Imagine how smart we would be if we could begin our life journey knowing what we now know! Like you, I have had great, average, but also downright poor teachers. The good news is we can learn and benefit from them all.

Currently, my miracle dog, Hope, is one of my valued teachers. Hope is a goldendoodle puppy. Friends are in disbelief Papa Suave got a pup. Why would he do such a thing at his age with health issues?

The answer is simple. I needed someone who needed me to take care of them. For the past 10 years, Susie has been my incredible wife and caregiver, extraordinary in every way. Now I needed to also become a caregiver. How?

  • Hope gets me out of bed at very early morning hours.
  • Hope follows me everywhere I go.
  • Hope never corrects or is critical of me.
  • Hope needs a shower and soap.
  • Hope needs exercise; makes me walk daily.
  • Hope needs a teacher to learn to come, stay, lie, and shake my hand.
  • Hope needs to learn to use a suitable bathroom, a work in progress — ouch!
  • Hope loves me just the way I am.

Hope teaches me to be a better teacher. I am learning!

If you need a great teacher, do what it takes to find one. Your life will get better. Thank you, Miss Hope!