“Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex.”

These days as I am in Cabo San Lucas, two questions I have been asking people are:

Do you believe in miracles?

Have you experienced a miracle in your life?

These two questions become more intriguing when the language barrier is present. Unfortunately, my Spanish is at the baby stage. However, the language challenge often deepens and enriches the dialogue.

Play my favorite game with me right now. For new hope readers, my favorite game is lifeball. Life is a ball. Life is a game. Lifeball is living large.

Ok, here is our lifeball game this moment: Look all around you circumspectly. Do you see a miracle? If no, why not? If yes, find one more miracle.

Yesterday, I played miracle lifeball as I was swimming in the pool. Breast stroking or freestyle one way, and as I swam slowly back in recovery mode I saw a full moon. How many miracles do you think I was able to see?  

One miracle was my ability to see the moon. Last night, Professor Google told me the moon is 240,000 miles from earth. Are you kidding me?! These tiny two eyes can see an object that far away.

A miracle of miracles is when a child at NBC camps is told they are a miracle, and they believe it. They begin to act like a miracle.

Not because I earned it. Not because I deserve it. Not because of anything I have ever done. The fact of the matter is God in His grace and nerve tells us we are His miracles.

As we think, so we become. Think I will be what the King of Kings and Lord of Lords says I am today? His miracle.