When neighbors are out walking their dogs, my favorite question is: “Who is having the most fun — you or the dog?”

Of course, the answer is always the same: “The dog.”

As I have watched dogs, all seem to exhibit these five traits.

  1. Dogs generally serve one master, the one they trust and who treats them well.
  2. Dogs are most happy when with their master, always sensing his or her emotions.
  3. Dogs like to have fun when it is time for fun, and they like to work when it is time to work.
  4. Dogs need very little to make them very happy.
  5. Dogs give unconditional love and will be best friends no matter what.

These characteristics are amazingly related to our lives and prompt the following questions.

  1. Who is your real master?
  2. When are you most happy?
  3. Are you fun and yet work hard?
  4. Can you live well on less than more?
  5. Do you give unconditional love?

Thank you, dogs, for the subtle reminders of five core implications for our lives. And thank you for asking no questions and passing no criticism. “A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.” ~ Anonymous