“Come to me as a little child.” – Jesus

My days are filled with wonder and joy, because I’m living in the world of kids.

Kids who want to become men and women.   

Kids who want to become college basketball players, kids who want to win the game of LIFEBALL.

It brings me great satisfaction to be able to be able to say, “Fred Crowell loves kids.”


For three days I have been coaching today’s kids, who will become tomorrow’s leaders, three ways to be successful. The foundation for success is to know your M/P (meaning and purpose).

Three crucial M/P statements:

1.  M/P for life: ______________________________

2.  M/P for basketball: ________________________

3.  M/P for job(school): _______________________

high school

It is so exciting to watch high school boys buy into the love of hard work, the commitment of self discipline, and the desire to bring honor to their families.

I am living my dream here these few days in Alaska.

Thanks for prayers!