The ability to see what is not seen is a valuable skill in coaching and teaching.  It is discerning the invisible.

In the athletic world, imagine there is a slender, tall, clumsy athlete.  One coach does not grasp the athlete’s potential so does not invest time in him.  Yet, another coach trains the awkward athlete, sensing what he can become in the future. This is unseen vs. seen.

Then, imagine the construction of a house. The builder should follow the architect’s design with precision.  This is an example of building backwards not forwards, or unseen vs seen.

Living life backwards demands mission and purpose with crystal clear goals for their reality to occur.  Writing the goals is like a designer drafting his finished product. 

This is how it happened with my career:

  • At age 5, I began dreaming of playing on a state championship basketball team.
  • At age 14, I began dreaming of being on the all-state first five team.
  • At age 17, my dreaming changed to a major college basketball scholarship.
  • At age 20, my biggest dream was to be a college basketball coach.

Every time there was a crystal clear goal in mind to make each of these dreams come true.

Now at age 76, and no matter how many years remain, my aspiration is for a “Well done” on my last day.  Each day does count!

The three things I must do daily to “press on” are:

  1.  Towards others, live in God’s forgiveness and practice gratitude.
  2.  Even in physical discomfort, be comfortable with peace of heart.
  3.  Moment by moment, grow my faith by living God’s Word and loving my precious communion with the living God.

Because of my total indebtedness to God, I am enabled to fulfill His mission.  I say with Paul that onlyBy the [dynamic] grace of God, I am what I am.”  I Corinthians 15:10.