Be it Spain, Italy, Arizona, England, Seattle, Greece, New York or wherever, Mrs. C is ready to go places! However, Coach C is not so enthused about going places unless it is in his Toyota Rav 4.

For years, it has been my goal to secure an NBC Sponsorship with Toyota to match our Alaska Airlines sponsorship. Why? Because Toyota and AKA bring honor and prestige. They would be a perfect fit for NBC Basketball Camps, aspiring for 48 years to be the best sports camp in the world.

One day I impulsively called a very busy man regarding this sponsorship. To my surprise, he answered. After a brief introduction he said, “I will give you ten minutes at 2 PM  tomorrow in the Davenport Signature Hotel lobby.” (The Davenport Signature Hotel is Spokane’s finest centerpiece).

This ten-minute meeting became the best ten-minute meeting of my life. Eric Hixson, President of E2 Media Inc., looked deep into my eyes as he asked one question. Then two minutes later he said, “I like you and the work you do with children. Let’s do a Toyota sponsorship.”

Before departing, Eric took three additional minutes to tell me his remarkable life story. Behind every great man is a great story. Please read Part 2 on Words of Hope tomorrow.