“People who laugh easily bring joy to others.”

My life experience tells me people who laugh often, easily and for no apparent reason grew up in a home with laughter.

When I meet a person of laughter I assume they have a mother who models this behavior. I am seldom wrong.

Laughter is a gift. Some babies come into the world laughing. They never stop laughing. They see the positives. They laugh and make others laugh.

Some babies come into the world howling. They are cranky and disagreeable all their lives.  

Most of us fall in the middle. We are neither on the laughter or cranky side. The good news is we can choose laughter or crankiness

There are Laugh Conferences where people are taught to laugh. One basketball coach planned to have one good laugh each practice.

My brother, Mike, is the funniest guy I know. Typically I call him each morning. It is common to have tears running down my checks. Mike delights in turning my comments into hysterical counter punches.  

As reminders, I like to buy colored rocks with a keyword printed on them. Last week I carried a forgiveness rock. This week I have a laugh rock. I plan to laugh often. Join with me and we will bring joy to others and to ourselves.


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