“Laughter is a fascinating subject to study because each person has a unique way of laughing.”  F Crowell

In my years of empirical research I have come to the conclusion that one who easily laughs was raised in a home with a mother who laughed easily.

Conversely I have discovered those who do not laugh easily grew up in a home his where mother did not laugh easily; of course there are always exceptions

Laughter is a gift. The good news is laughter can be taught, learned and become habitual.

The Bible says, “God made me laugh.”

My hope is that I can make me laugh today.

If I can make me laugh today it seems possible I can help you laugh today.

Susie and I are working on laughing more often. One way is watching a favorite TV series that, to us, is very funny. It makes us laugh. We feel better when we laugh.

These two videos make me laugh. If you want to laugh watch each one six times in one sitting.

Laughter doesn’t solve our problems but it helps us work through them with a lighter spirit. Laughter is a gift. Laughter begets laughter. Laugh on purpose. Laugh just for no reason. Just Laugh. You will feel better

Ha ha ha ho ho ho he he ha!  Corny? Yes, indeed! What’s wrong being corny and as grand daughter GG said, “I love papa; you’re  silly.”


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