Accountability without inspection leads to irresponsibility.  Responsibility without inspection leads to mediocrity. Inspection is vital to winning. Winning is a choice.

Elegant question:

Why is inspection commonly rejected? We strongly tend to reject being inspected.

In your life experience do most people reject inspection? Why?

We don’t seem to mind having our car, home, teeth, eyes, or even our body inspected.

These are wear and tear issues. Fear of the consequences forces us to go to the dentist. Fear of failing car brakes motivates us to have vehicle inspections.

The most challenging is the inspection of the heart/soul of woman and man. The fear of discovering the negative is too often stronger than the freedom of knowing the truth about oneself.

The Psalmist exhorts us with these words, “Search me oh God and see if there be any wicked way in me.”

The interior journey into one’s life is the scariest, challenging, and potentially the most exciting experience anyone could ever have in their life.

It is not a one time trip. The more trips to the interior the more discovery, the more discovery the more freedom.

Often in the counseling setting my clients would be asked to imagine a closet door.

Inside this imaginary door was their interior life;  all past experiences real and imagined.

The client would often say I’m afraid to open the door for fear of what is in there

Take a moment to imagine your interior closet. Are you willing to open the door? Will you take an inspection of your inner you?

Whatever you find, God is more than enough to restore you. He has promised to create a clean heart and to restore a steadfast spirit within us.

Open the door. It may prove to be a life-changing decision.

Psalm 103 is in my memory bank of God’s precious promises. In a spirit of kindness, please take some time to let the psalmist’s words grow in you.