Here are more discoveries I have made on the inner strength God has promised.

  • God’s strength is lasting even through hard times.
  • God’s strength is often in the quietness and stillness.
  • God’s strength brings renewed energy, a “new set of wings.”
  • God’s strength is generous when I am generous and helpful to others.

As we were beginning NBC Basketball Camps years ago, I was day and night in the promotion business.  I do remember this humbling experience. Expecting to have just enough gas in my car to reach my destination, I plowed on.  However, within a few minutes, my gas gauge indicated differently.  

I was forced to stop my car and walk up to a nearby travel camper.  Timidly I knocked on the door.

A male voice yelled, ”What do you want?”

“Sorry to bother you, but I need some gas,” I replied.

Within seconds, a small, wiry man came through the open door, pulling a shirt on with a big dog following him.

“Need some gas, huh?”  With a swipe of his arm, he grabbed a black hose and siphoned all the gas he had into a five-gallon can.  That gave me hope!

When I reached for my wallet, the man said, “Oh no you don’t!  You aren’t paying for this.”

Yes, I wanted to be generous because he had helped me.  However, reaching into my billfold, I discovered no cash.  The credit card would not help either.  Yet I remembered I was given a $50 check for speaking a couple days before, and, amazingly, that check was still in the billfold.

“Sir, I don’t know how to tell you this.  I spoke in Astoria the other day.  When they paid me, I promised the Lord I would give it to someone in need.  I had no idea you would be the person, but I really believe I should give it to you.”

His response:  “Mom, come out here quickly!  This man just gave me money!”

It turned out this couple had left Alaska and came to Oregon looking for work with only $25 to their name.  To unknowingly be a monetary encouragement to ones who had helped me was a big blessing.  Yet, God became the bigger blessing since He then gave me His generous strength and gas to complete my promotion trip in response to my seeming generosity.