KEY STATEMENT: Every IF statement is usually followed with a THEN.

If you read Daily Words of Hope at a minimum, there will be one then.

If you listen to learn and to act, then you will have a better day!

Duke basketball Coach K uses the if-then principle to win championships.

Coach Krzyzewski told his players if you take care of the ball, play great D, and make shots, then you get playtime.

The Crowell family planned vacation times were based on the if-then principle as well.

If A’s came home on the report card, then an extended vacation to nice places happened. If C grades came home the kids knew the then would be to pack lightly, because vacation was a brief car ride around the block.

The first time I learned of the if-then principle was from a Hebrew Roman citizen.

While in a dank Roman Prison, St. Paul educated his dear friends at Philippi with this remarkable teaching tool.

The apostle lays out 4 vital ifs and 6 consequential then’s.

The ifs begin with, “If you have received any encouragement from being united in Christ…”

The 6th then is, “Your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus who did not consider yourself to be equal to God but humbled himself, and became a servant… even to death on the cross.”

Deep mining for the if and then’s in the gold & silver-rich quarry of Philippians 2:1-11 is worth the time and effort.

If you start digging, then you will be rewarded with the joy of the Lord.