Key Statement: Happiness is one step around the next corner and the next corner and the next corner and the ….

Factual question, not an elegant question.

Fact question has one correct answer; an elegant question has multiple answers.

Who was Cain’s father? Fact question.

What did Adam feel when Cain killed Abel? Elegant question.

Why did God ask Cain these two questions?

Cain, why are you so angry?

Why does your face look so dejected?

Are these fact questions or elegant questions or do they have an element of both?

Elementary diagnosis of Abel and Cain story:

  1. Age old story of jealousy and greed.
  2. Origin of violence in homes. Most homicides today are with family members.
  3. All actions have consequences.
  4. The face, the countenance are mirrors of the soul. The Happy heart produces a happy face.
  5. The eyes are windows to the heart. No light in the heart makes for lights off in the eyes.

Walt King, Susie’s father, had many pity sayings. One was “The face doesn’t show age; it shows the mileage.”


Too many faces, like worn out cars, have too many tough miles on them.

Cain had some very tough miles on his face.

St. Paul gives profound counsel in his splendid letters to the Galatians.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever, what a man sows he also reaps.

No need to look around the next corner for happiness; happiness is right here, right now. The fact is, happiness is not a worthy goal. Doing right and making the right choices produces happiness, therefore happiness is a byproduct, not the end result.

It’s really that simple but it’s not easy.

Do good and happiness will come to you!


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