On a recent airline flight to Denver, Colorado, I had the opportunity to be a “typical” passenger.  Due to 52 years and 800,000 miles of AKA flying for our basketball camps, I’ve been treated like gold — no waiting in lines, first to board, best seat on the plane and fabulous service.

On this non-AKA flight, however, I was just a regular passenger.  It really was an eye-opener for me to walk onto the plane among all the other passengers and find my tiny seat at the back of the plane.  With no other option, a man to my left kept my side very warm–very close seating!

God gave me this physically and mentally challenging life experience to become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.  It was a cognitive choice for me to “clothe” myself with humility as Peter mentions in I Peter 5:5.  

Authentic humility doesn’t mean thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less, as C.S. Lewis put it.  This noble choice is simply for the good of others before ourselves, a willingness to forego any status and use any influence for the good of others.

I suggest we choose opportunities to serve others in true humility rather than for our own personal ambition or status, which is arrogance.  God gives grace to the humble.

By the way, it was a great flight and great communication.  Would love to have any of you as my seat partner on my next flight!