Jesus said, “Come unto me as a young child.”

This young boy gives us the essence of finding God.

No wonder when Abba Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Holy Spirit united in deciding to help us find God through a human being; none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was Jesus who showed us God in the flesh. We don’t have to wonder what God looks like; He lived among us.

Paul said, “Be imitators of me as I follow Christ.”

Sounds like my golf mentor; “Watch and do what I do.”

Sounds like the excellent coaches at NBC; Listen, Learn, Act just like I DO.

Twice this morning, city leaders asked me, “What are you doing today Fred?”

Quickly I said, “I am looking for God,  and I just found Him as I look at you.”

Let’s join hands and go find God today.

 – Fred Crowell


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