In my mid-20’s during a powerful training session, a respected leader presented a strong case that words matter. It was then my philosophical and psychological views dramatically changed. Previously, I felt our private thoughts determined our perspective. However, our words are an expression of those thoughts. Those words decide what we see. For instance, speak life and you see life; speak darkness and you see darkness.

Etymology (the study of words and their origins) has become a passion because words themselves are fascinating and impact lives. Words have beauty. Words have special meaning and immense power. Words are art. Words form music. Words are poetic. Words change the world, including you and me.

One such word has outstanding meaning to me. It is HOPE. St. Peter called Hope the anchor to our soul, our very being. Hope becomes the brakes to a runaway soul or spirit. Hope eliminates depression. Hope reduces grief. Hope is the expectation that “it is going to get better” regardless of the situation. 

Personally, Hope has been my anchor for nine long, often difficult, years fighting a cancer beast which never tires of dishing out pain and bad news. Hope assures me cancer cannot rob me of my joy, my passion, my love and my expectation.

I have also discovered the idea that Hope helps me help you so you can help others. During this season of the year, there is both joy and pain in the world. Some of our loved ones have great joy. Others have very difficult situations. Let’s dress up with HOPE in our hearts so that we can help others who need the gift of HOPE

Why? Because the message of Christmas says God is with us. He will help us. He will strengthen us. IMMANUEL!