If dogs could bark in human language, I am convinced my new little pup would bark words of Hope to you. Of course, she would be inspired by her name, HOPE LUV. Because my job is to train Hope Luv well, I would also train her to give OXYCOURAGE (a combination of oxygen and courage) to each so we can:

  • HANG ON TENACIOUSLY TO HOPE, the anchor to our hearts.
  • NEVER QUIT and keep fighting for right living until our very last breath on this earth.
  • WALK HUMBLY with our God and see His gold/silver thread in all creation, people, and pain.
  • LIVE WITH PASSION and fuel our life engine with a positive mental attitude.
  • TRUST GOD ALONE because He will never leave or forsake us.
  • LOVE THE MOST THOSE WHO DEEPLY LOVE US because they will always be there.
  • BE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW by living in the precious present moment because it is all we really have – yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is in the future.
  • DRESS WITH WISE PLANNING so each clothing item will suggest a positive characteristic to live out that day.

If Hope Luv had the ability to speak our verbal language, this is what I would want this amazing new friend of mine to encourage you. If we could love others the way Hope Luv loves me, what a wonderful world this would be.