Many years ago a college student told me his story:

“For six years I was drug-free. However, after graduating from college, I was struggling to find employment. I became discouraged. At that time, my roommate was cooking up some cocaine. I gave it a try. It was the greatest high I had ever experienced. In fact, I was so high my friend had to use heroin to bring me back down slowly. I vomited about 29 times. After I came down, my entire body craved to do it again. This one fall took me downward for over 15 years.”

Today I am cooking up a batch of hope. These are ways hope elevates the human spirit:

  1. Hope is the anecdote for depression, the medicine for the soul.
  2. Hope elevates thinking and ignites joy and passion.
  3. Hope uplifts us to unimaginably high places where life is grand and delightful.
  4. Hope is a supernatural and best kind of high, eliminating a rapid fall leading to vomiting.

Cocaine is just one of many downers, albeit a real one. Thankfully, we still have a choice. We can choose hope. Yet, the problem with hope is that HOPE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE RELIABILITY OF ITS OBJECT. This was proven by the college student who placed his hope in cocaine. The cocaine anchor sunk, taking with it the person connected and who also felt much pain.

THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE, RELIABLE HOPE ANCHOR. It is set not on a boat, another person, or a possession. This anchor of hope I speak of is Jesus Christ. Since no one or thing can take your Christ, no one or thing can take your hope. No sickness, failure, death, or disappointment. 

“Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame (disappointed)” Romans 10:11. “Hope does not disappoint us…” Romans 5:5.