How high is high? How low is low?

Unless you know how low is low, knowing how high is high is not possible.

My life experience tells me rock bottom is the low of lows. It is impossible to go lower than rock bottom.

At rock-bottom, two things happen. There are two choices. Quit and give up, or get busy and fight.

One farm girl’s daddy often said when the going got tough, “Put on your big girl boots and get busy!”

Cancer, the cruelest, the most demanding teacher I have experienced in my lifetime has put me at rock-bottom several times over the past 13 years.  For me, rock-bottom is a place where self-pity hangs out.

Why me? 

Dumb question! 

Knowing words matter it was important to come up with powerful words to get off rock-bottom and beat self-pity.

Self-pity is like the dog doing his business on a bush. Therefore, I came up with an acronym, POSP (Piss on self-pity) SP is rock bottom living at best.

How high is high?

The mountain climber thinks Mount Everest is the highest of the highs. Climbers die trying to experience this high. Too many die seeking the thrill of conquering this high.

2000 years ago a 33-year-old male willingly chose to hit rock-bottom. Is there lower than low than a Roman cross?

Caesar didn’t think so because crucifixion was not a permissible punishment to a citizen of Rome. It was too cruel even for the Romans.

Jesus the man-God did not have one ounce of self-pity! He did not stay at rock-bottom.

The resurrection is a game changer. All of human history pivots on this one historical fact.

The best, most emotionally profound musical I have ever seen is Les Miserable, the story of rock-bottom to God on High.

If you are at rock bottom take heart. There is a way up. Glen went through the dreaded Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer, which has about a 5% success rate.  Through his rock-bottom days, he experienced the high of highs. Glen and Jesus became best friends.

A high for your author of Words of Hope is to listen back to back to two of the world’s best male vocalist sing Bring Him Home.

Bring Him Home begins with, GOD ON HIGH HEAR MY PRAYER.

First, listen to Josh Groban over 5 million views:

Second, listen to Colm Wilkenson nearly 3 million hits:

Who is your favorite,  Josh or Colm?

Five easy steps to get up from rock-bottom living and experience to the highest of highs:

  1. Pray for help. Surrender to God.
  2. Zero tolerance for SP; self-pity. (POSP)
  3. Get busy. Act as if, or fake it until you make it.
  4. Write 5 gratitudes each day; speak them loudly as many as 4 times a day.
  5. Do something nice for somebody, anybody.