If we don’t protect our minds and hearts the negativity of the world will rob us of our positive mental attitude!

If the news you receive, the people you spend time with; the activities you do… if they rob you of a PMA, find ways to give them limited access. PMA is contagious. Find people who live it.

The first, vital action step with any problem trial or challenge is to know what it is and what it is not. The second critical action step is to formulate a positive plan to deal with the problem, trial or challenge.

Three problem-solving tools to defeat any problem, trial or challenge:

1. Choose your attitude. 

If self-pity works be filled being sorry for yourself; if breaking thinks works; break things as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. If watching negative news works watch the pessimism; if crying works, cry your eyes out. If complaining and blaming others work have at it. If none of these work, then stop doing them. PMA, positive mental attitude works best for me.

2. If you choose negativity stop reading WORDS of HOPE. 

It will only upset you. If you find your mind and spirit being lifted; your PMA increasing then hang out with me as often as possible.

3. Suggested powerful positive mental attitude increasers:

PMA #1 – 15 minutes each day Find your secret place. I call this my secret garden. I choose a quiet place. I set the environment to my liking. I practice breath control; I select a passage from the Holy Bible. I write down 25 gratitudes most often.

PMA #2 – fast from bad news for selected periods of time; when world news begins to eat my PMA I fast from the news for set periods of time; last time was 8 days. My PMA grew.

PMA #3 – Avoid negative people so far as is possible, try not to argue about issues that are PMA robbers.

PMA #4 Move the body; motion is lotion – very hard for me when I do not feel well. 

PMA #5 – Participate in an activity you delight to do; learn a new hobby; make yourself a better person in one small way.

Elegant question; Is it possible to ever experience the reality of this phrase in the Lord’s prayer, “on earth as it is in heaven?”