Hello My Name is Anger, Part 2

I thought it would be good for my readers to know more about myself and my past history concerning anger. It may shock some who have come to know me in more recent years, but those who knew me best used to call me AB, which stands for Anger Banger.

Growing up, my father was an anger-smith. He wielded anger like a drunken blacksmith with a fiery hammer. The end results were not pretty. He had not just one doctorate in unleashing anger; he had two. Trouble is, his loud anger became my silent anger with similar damaging blows on impact. His anger was absolutely detested by me.

Let’s be clear, anger is not all negative. In fact, controlled anger can be a powerful and effective tool. When anger is measured out intentionally with a plan and a purpose, it has a totally different impact than uncontrollable anger. Conversely, uncontrollable anger is without purpose, unplanned, lacking a longterm goal. 

Now that you know more about my past history, there is an important question. 

Do you want to master the anger tool? Be warned it is more difficult than mastery of playing Bach on the piano, hitting a 3 pointer 17 times in a row, getting through a red-hot dialogue with a family member, being quiet if you are an extrovert, or speaking up if you are an introvert.

Consider what a colleague sent me after reading HELLO MY NAME IS ANGER, Part 1:

“I observed a jeweler friend, using gemstone tools. How delicate, refined, precise, and powerful his tools. Heat was certainly required at times, but it was an extremely precise and controlled heat. Watching a true craftsman build something to last a lifetime and beyond is something to behold.”

Anger control is a most difficult skill. To be a true Master, Anger Smith takes at least as much craft work as a high level jeweler exhibits while he designs simple rocks into magnificent jewelry.

Ready for it? Count the cost. It is expensive because anger mastery is more about others than about your own personal self-interests.