Happiness is all around us!  If we look, we can see a few of these results in others and in ourselves.  These people have:

  1. More success.
  2. More friends.
  3. More desire to help.
  4. More uncomplicated living.
  5. More enthusiastic influence.
  6. More deep conversations.
  7. More smiles.
  8. More joy in physical maintenance (food and exercise).
  9. More contentment with their possessions.
  10. More composure.
  11. More productivity and creativity.
  12. More invigorating positivity.
  13. More life meaning, a reason to wake up every morning.
  14. More compliments to others.
  15. More kindness to others.
  16. More gratitude.
  17. More contagiousness.
  18. More consideration.
  19. More looking for the good.
  20. More flexibility.
  21. More compassion.
  22. More accommodating spirit.
  23. More confidence.
  24. More calmness and peace.
  25. More length of life.