As iron sharpens iron so a friend sharpens a friend – Proverbs 27:17

One of the truly great men in my life, Steve Pence, stands in victory with the majestic Mount Blanc in the background.  Recently Steve and his amazing wife Sue hiked 11 days in the Swiss Alps.

Today my nugget is gratitude is the best attitude.  A recent research study at Baylor revealed gratitude is significant in making one’s life more healthy and better in every way.  For me, Steve Pence personifies an attitude of gratitude.

Thanksgiving for the wise person is not a one day in the year experiment.  No, gratitude is a moment to moment choice.  We choose gratitude.  The proof that a parent has cultivated an attitude of gratitude is demonstrated in the lives of their children.

Gratitude is learned behavior.  We know babies are not born with an attitude of gratitude but aren’t Grandpa’s automatically full of gratitude?  Absolutely not!  Gratitude is not only a learned behavior; it is a hard-earned skill set.  Gratitude is not cheap. You can’t buy it on Black Friday at the big box stores.

Gratitude is learned in the foxholes, ditches, and tunnels of life.  Tough days, sad days, hard days that challenge us to the core are the times we develop huge hearts filled with Gratitude. Gratitude is gritty, gratitude is tough, gratitude costs plenty.

What you talking about, Crowell? My life experience tells me gratitude is not an automatic.  Gratitude is not free!

Self-pity is the other side of the gratitude coin.  Greed, blame, excuse making, a critical spirit are the enemies of gratitude.  Living in the land of “I want more and I don’t have enough,” chew up gratitude like a big bad dog devours a bone.

Gratitude is God’s precious gift.  It is ours for the asking.  With open arms, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings calls us to Himself. He and He alone is the True Shepherd who brings us to lie in green pastures and sit beside still waters.  He restores our souls and leads us in the path of righteousness.

Today Pencie, thank you for being iron in my life and showing me the richness of living gratitude moment by moment; day by day.  Iron sharpens iron and Pence sharpens Crowell.

Hope you amazing readers have many “Pences,” in your life.  You are iron in my life!