An emergency call from Spokane to our stateroom 7051 on the MS Rotterdam, as we prepared to enter the Panama Canal, brought sad news.

Our beloved miniature Pom had dislocated his shoulder for the second time in two days. Mighty had proven good for his name. He fought cancer valiantly for 7 years.

So, so hard to give our daughter the green light to put Mighty down. I heard Susie tearfully asking Jennifer to hold Mighty Mite as the vet put him to sleep for his last time.

image1Mighty was the fifth born to his mother Keiki, our 5-pound teacup Pom, and Mr. Fox in December 2005.  

Mr. Fox, the Seattle Crowell’s Pom and Ms. Keiki romanced for a month at the Spokane Crowell’s home. Keiki became pregnant with five puppies tucked in a tiny body.

The vet warned Susie it was a rare phenomenon for a tiny Pom to deliver more than three pups; let alone five.

The first pup was thumb sized and very bossy. We named him Teddy after President Roosevelt. Best dog the Orcott’s ever owned.

The fifth was stuck. He was ready to die but with seconds to spare a pinkie-sized pup popped out. Immediately Susie got him milk from mother dog.

Never did you see something so little with so much grit!

Mighty was ALL Susie’s – her prized companion; 24 hours a day if possible.

As much as Mr. Crowell did not want two dogs we could not give Mighty Mite away.

As the family says goodbye today to this special creation of God, I wonder why dogs have the incredible gift to love unconditionally, but not humankind.

As I write these words the MS Rotterdam is in the first stage of three locks. Soon this enormous passenger vessel will be elevated 85 feet. Man is a mechanical genius.

Dogs are love geniuses. They worship their master.

Why is it that humans can build a 50 mile Canal or put people on the moon but we can’t get along?

How is it possible to build rockets but have such high divorce rates?  

Why can’t more than half our marriages figure out how to make family life work?  

How is it possible for a brilliant life created in the image of God, give into heroin or other life destroying drugs?

How is it possible for two political parties living in the land of the free and home the brave, to spew discord and division? Why is showing respect and civility so difficult?

So easy to burn and destroy property; so hard to build and create beauty.

How is it possible to have unprecedented numbers, especially, young men committing suicide?

Goodbye, beloved Mighty Mite. Thank you for the lessons of loyalty, love, affection and joy you gave to us these past 12 years.

Since imitation is the best teacher and compliment, I promise to copy you in these virtues you lived every day of your life for the Crowell/Ferch families.

We will miss you. We will never forget you.

Goodbye, Mighty Mite, you lived your life to the maximum. You loved us unconditionally.


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