“The Lord is good and does what is right,” Psalm 25:8.

Today my trustworthy friend, Roger Dorway, of many years sent me these inspiring words: “Another great Psalm for your viewing pleasure is Psalm 25. I found it particularly uplifting this morning. It’s as though God knows what I need at a given moment. It reminds me how much I need Him, how much I can open up to Him, and how much He loves me simply because of who He is. As good and upright, He instructs me and guides me in those moments when I am humble and listening, fearing Him in love, and willing to act in ways that obey and honor Him. May those moments be ever increasing in my life.”

After looking at Roger’s Psalm 25, this prayer shows us how David sought God in hard times, the God who is good and upright. Some of the highlights about God are:

  • He will not let me be disgraced or disappointed, if I trust Him, because He is trustworthy.
  • He will forgive sins that haunt me because of His mercy.
  • He will point out the path to walk (paths like wagon tracks) because He is consistent in His ways.
  • He will guide the humble in doing right because He is just.
  • He will cause our children to live in God’s blessing, as we honor Him, because He shares His heavenly secrets when we are close to Him.
  • He will protect my integrity and godliness because my hope in Him does not disappoint.

At Thanksgiving time, what an honor to affirm our confidence in who God is…always.