What would it mean to you; how would your life be different if it were proven without dispute as an absolute fact that God was dead?

As a 5 year old, my hero was Santa Claus. I believed fervently in Jolly Old St. Nick. My parents truly loved the Christmas Season.

On Christmas tree hunting days, Mom made hot chocolate for the trip to the woods. All six kids helped find just the right tree, yet Mom had final say.   

Decorating the tree was a family ritual. It had to be done perfectly, down to the last strand of tinsel. The Crowells loved Christmas. Still do!

A high level secrecy was kept in place to ensure the good name of Santa was kept safe. All presents were given in His name. Presents were often stored at friend’s homes so clever brother Mike couldn’t find them.

One summer day, I was playing in the attic at long time friend Brian’s house. For some reason ended up getting in an argument about Santa. Brian told me to go ask his mom if there was a real Santa Clause.

I asked, “June, is there a Santa Claus?” She responded,  “No!”

I raced home as fast as my little legs would carry me.

Mom was in our tiny kitchen. I blurted  out, “June says there is no Santa!”

Mom stopped her work. She had the face every parent knows; it is news you don’t want to tell your  child.

I dashed into Mike and I’s bedroom, dove on my bed, and sobbed.  That day changed my life. I now knew the truth and the truth hurt.  

Poverty was our reality. There was no Santa bringing gifts for being good. You better watch out, you better not cry you better not pout Santa’s coming… all hog wash!

Fact is, if it could be proven with the same finality that God is dead and Jesus is just a different version of Santa Claus I would be devastated. I would know I gave 100% of my being for a lie; a cruel deception.

Everything about my life would be different. I would think, speak, act differently.  Susie and I would spend our money differently.

NBC Camps would not be the same. No longer would we believe lives could be changed.

No longer would I have hope in eternal life. My view of philosophy, psychology, creation, a covenant marriage and on and on would change.

For more reasons than there is room or time to share, I declare with 100% conviction God is alive and Jesus Christ beat death on a cruel Roman cross. To me, this fact is pure gold.

Because He lives, I too shall live and will be with Him and all His saints in heaven. So many people I deeply love are waiting for me and when He calls I am ready to join them, most of all my Mom and Uncle Walt.

How would your life be different if God were dead? My hope is that you would be as devastated and sad as me.

My joy is that the possibility that God is dead is as possible as me putting my car on my back and carrying it across the USA.

If in this present life we have a hope resting on Christ, and nothing more, we are more to be pitied than all the rest of the world. But, in reality, Christ has risen from among the dead, being the first to do so of those who are asleep. – 1 Corinthians 15:19-20