KEY STATEMENT: The will to win is not nearly important as the will to PREPARE to win.

Preparation, the discipline, focus, concentration, and commitment is the prerequisite for success in any endeavor. Whether it be in sports, law, family, business, or any life pursuit.

This video was fun for me to make at the North Park Racquet Club in Spokane. This video was made for 18 basketball players touring Italy with Crowell Basketball.

The amount of time each of these athletes have prepared to be prepared, will correspond to the success and the experience of their tour.

This is true of every area of our lives. Let me ask you some elegant questions. Elegant questions are ones that have no set answer.

What stops us from preparing to be prepared?

What prevents college students from planning early in the college experience, what they plan to do after they graduate?

What prevents young married people from developing a master plan of how they want to raise their children with specific goals in mind?

What is the reason folks in their 50’s don’t begin planning their retirement long before they’re actual retirement days?

What makes discussion in preparation for death so difficult? It’s going to happen, why not have a plan in place for those who have to pick up the pieces after you are gone.

I will close this Word of Hope with my favorite quote:

“The more clear we are in what we want, the more power and control we have in getting what we want.”

Italy here we come!