GAME ON – Win the Moment!

Basketball has taught me that victory comes when you bounce back from difficulty. Lifeball is a far tougher game to play than basketball.

Psalm 100 is my bedrock to come back from a rough day. I enter His gates with thanksgiving. I enter His courts with praise.

St. Peter is my mentor. Peter qualifies as my crucial other because He has a proven track record and he is worthy of being imitated.

Peter failed miserably. His failure drove him to humility, to become a man of immense compassion for all who suffered. His words written about 63AD to folks suffering, in what is now Turkey, rings loud and true today. Like in Peter’s day, thousands of Jesus followers and Christians are suffering in the Middle East today.

Game On is the challenge of the day. With God, all things are possible. Peter charged his followers with clear directions to be strong and courageous in the midst of serious difficulty. It was Game On with Peter!

For me, Game On begins with my M/P! What is my meaning and purpose? Why do I get to breathe; to live another day?

My M/P is crystal clear! To know God better today and to enjoy Him fully is my Game On!

This has to mean there is much for me to do before I draw my last breath. The saying, “If you have breath, breathe,” is from a movie Susie and I saw recently. It is a violent story. The idea of if you can breathe, you still live and if you are alive, it is Game On!

In Peter’s first epistle he challenged me to be willing to do the hard things; to show up and get ‘er done. To me, this means putting on the full armor of God. Peter invented the notion of Game On in my book.

Peter challenged me to be diligent, to be aware of the robber, the thief who comes to steal, rob and to kill all that is good in life. Peter experienced defeat when he denied knowing the Lord three times. Peter understood being robbed of his joy. Peter understood shame.

Peter shows us grace and mercy are God’s gifts to us because he experienced His Lord and Master’s forgiveness. Therefore, it is my privilege to extend grace and mercy because, I too, have experienced His mercy and grace.

I love life. I love being alive. I delight in being able to breathe. It is Game On! Lifeball is a delight. Win the moment, so we can win the hour, so we can win the day.

Because He lives I breathe and live abundantly in spite of whatever life brings. Game On!