One who turns the course of a life, event, or history.

In sports, Curry, Brady, Felix, Bird, Mantle, MJ, Ruth and Magic qualify as game changers.

In history, Churchill looms large as a game changer. Washington is a game changer of historic proportions.

In events like Edison and electricity, Gates and computers, Jobs and iPhones. They are giant game changers.

Yet, the true game changers are mothers who do what it takes to give her child a better life. A father who goes to the tough job, day after day, to give his children a better future.

Joy fills my heart. Today a wonderful young man sent me the following email:

Excerpt: “Hi coach, it’s Josh from Seward. I thank you so much for a life changing experience. Camp got me thinking about my life and reflecting, and I have made a good decision to choose the right path. Fred Crowell said I am a miracle and it makes me have a positive attitude every day. I have been doing my spinach and touch, brush, swish every day. I thank coach Roman, coach Toman, coach Connor, coach Herrick and coach Conne for believing in me, it means a lot. My M/P (meaning and purpose) is to help my Mom and make her proud. To help her after her knee surgery, she is in pain. Thank you and all your friends. You are a miracle and God loves you and I love you guys. Thanks for everything.”

The beauty of life is we all can be game changers. If I am correct, and I believe I am right in saying, encouragement is oxygen.

What do people need? Encouragement and oxygen. Let’s give it to them.

Philippians 2:1-11