FUNERAL – Victory or defeat?

“Death where is thy victory, where is thy Sting?” – Paul

Saturday was a funeral day for the Crowells. Hundreds came to celebrate the life of Dr. Felix Martinez, one of the three kindest men in my life.

Seems to me St. Paul had plenty of time to think about death as he awaited his Roman execution. The news of 65 year old Dr. Felix was a shock. My wife Susie and I are still reeling from the aftershocks.

Recently I met with a mortician to discuss my memorial service and burial. Sounds funny knowing I live by Mark Twain’s maxim, “If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.”

Dear readers, know I plan to live until my granddaughter has her first grandchild. 11 year old Isabella, at age six declared, “Poppa you have to live long enough to see my first baby born, but not my second.”

I like this idea, as long as she waits to get married in her twenties!

In 2010, I asked a doc this question, “Doc, talk to me straight, no BS, what are my chances?” Doc said, “I give you two good years, then one year of chemo.”  

Well, we are going on six years and though there have been stormy seas, joy and peace have been my portion.

As I write these words, Susie and I celebrate six days in Oahu, our dear friends 50th in Alaska, then I do 3 NBC CAMPS in Anchorage, Ketchikan, and Metlakatla.

Can it be any better than this is? “Win the Moment” is my Motto. Be right here right now. Grandma Williams, who lived to be 108 said, “I want to wear out, not rust out.”

50 years ago in Fairbanks, Alaska I went all in as they say in Poker. I bet the house on Jesus Christ. I bet my life for His life. I bet He was my guarantee to see my dearly beloved mother again.

If I can be of any encouragement to those who read my Words of Hope, I have no fear of death. Because I love this life so much, I will fight to live to my last breath, but when these eyes close for the last time, I will see Jesus face to face. Then my mother and I, if I go before you, will be waiting with open arms for you.

As for now, let’s win the moment, so we can win the hour, so we can win the day!