I like to begin Words of Hope with a story that inspires me.

A long time ago, there was a man who said he was not the Light, but he came to show people the way to the Light. This man’s name was John (ironically, my own brother’s name). One bright day, John was standing in the shallow Jordan river, baptizing people. The very next day, he saw Jesus coming towards him and said that this was the pure, authentic, steadfast Light that illuminates every person.

This Biblical story has special meaning to me because 56 years ago, I received this steadfast Light through the grace of God. He is my illumination as I have seen Him illuminate thousands of people. A few such examples from today’s world are:

  • The bitter woman who hated life and took 32 prescribed drugs to masquerade her life hatred. Her dark, beady eyes lit to joy, and her barbed-wire lips exuded with gratitude.
  • The angry wife who dropped to her knees in my clinic to receive the Light and, soon after, that Light gave her a new husband who became a father to her children.
  • The mother of a 3-year-old child who had attempted suicide six times while under psychiatric care for three years. During four years of counseling, the steadfast Light became her hope, headlighting a contagious smile and then the ability to serve others as a social worker.

Have you seen the pure, authentic, steadfast Light? If so, share it! If not, receive it right now! Your joy will be inexpressible. Even though you have not seen in person the pure, authentic, steadfast Light, you will love and trust that Light with a great hope for the future (I Peter 1:8).