Today is the 43rd day of the year 2021. Wow! At least 10% of the year 2021 has already evaporated! Really, it is more like 16%, soon to be 20%, and far too soon to be no more 2021! Once and again, I say this proves time is a precious commodity and plays no favorites.

My personal mission is to TRAIN TO WIN and not rely on the try-to-win factor, proving this year will be a high climb. For most of my career, my mission was challenging others to make the climb. Too often, I coached the climb but did not climb with others. Therefore, I became a better coach than a doer. This is especially notable in the coaching fraternity. The one person in most need of running wind sprints is the adult with the whistle.

After all these years of being the coach, it is bemusing to be the student. No longer am I blowing the whistle. The whistle is being blown for me to continue to climb. Many times I am asked, “How do you feel, Fred?” My unchanging answer is: “Don’t ask me how I feel; instead, ask me how am I doing.”

Today, I am on THE CLIMB. With high hopes, I welcome you to join me in the climb. We each have our own mountain. You have yours. I have mine.

If this intrigues you, may I encourage you to read Day 17 in my Words of Hope book? (If you don’t have this book in your hands, you can obtain a copy at Amazon or

This moment, on the 43rd day of 2021, I, Fred Crowell, promise myself to TRAIN TO WIN THE DAY and THE CLIMB. Although I have broken promises to others in my lifetime, more have been broken to myself. Therefore, I am making this promise, especially to the one I have failed the most. I’m going for it! Come with me!