Yes, Fred Crowell loves to drive a car! And the better the car, the better I love driving! And how fun it is to drive on a multi-lane highway!
Yet the older I am, hopefully, the wiser I become. My advice to others can be likened to a highway. It can go in multiple directions and lanes. However, the best advice is given when I stay in my own lane. This means:

  • I give advice only when a person wants to hear it. This is like a person riding in my car in my lane with me.
  • I focus on my own personal issues also, not just others’ issues. Remember, when driving there are two car concerns: the one I am driving and the one coming in the opposite direction.
  • I proceed with caution, knowing there may be a risk of damage. We know when driving a car there is the possibility of injury.

Over the years, I have experienced this truth: If people love the message, they will love the messenger. Vice versa, if people hate the message, they will hate the messenger. Finally, it doesn’t really matter where people have come from on the highway of life. But it really matters where people are going.