Today’s communication is to lift your spirit and inspire you to positive caring, life-giving, yet enjoyable actions. 

Personally, one of my delightful actions is reading and writing letters. I also relish making omelets for others who like them. Are you one of them? You know, an omelet is usually made with fluffy eggs with a variety of good-tasting ingredients as the filling and then folded over. Makes a great brunch!

My miracle brother, Larry, creates his personal type of omelet by making beautiful wood pens, wine stoppers, and other appealing objects. He delights in the creative process, but even more so in seeing the pleasure others express in receiving them. 

When I write a special letter or cook a delicious omelet for someone, it thrills me, and sometimes even captivates me! It is a special joy when people respond. Upon my return from Mexico, four personal letters were waiting for me. One was from Ms. Karen who said she learned SHE WAS ENOUGH AND GAVE ENOUGH by reading Words of Hope.

As always, the best example of gratifying gifts or messages is from the Lord. He is our Wonderful Counselor who always gives us the gift we need simply out of His grace. 

A great example of a caring action is by my amazing pastor. He helped a church member remove a big tree from his crashed roof because of Spokane’s recent wind storm. Now, is there someone you can be gracious to? What kind of letter (or omelet) will you create today, tomorrow, and the next day — all for another person, because of your gracious God?


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