Key statement: There is something both spectacular and fascinating to be the very first. The first is often the most difficult. The first is a memory maker.

Elegant question: What are some of the firsts in your life that are in your Hall of Fame memory book?

This question presents each of us with an opportunity to go into silent mode and dig into the past experiences of our lives that qualify as memory makers.

As I look at this picture of Matt Logie, the Head Basketball Coach at Whitworth University, I see two things that really touch my heart.

First and foremost is the joy I get watching Coach Logie reel in his first fish. This fish is not just an ordinary fish, it is an Alaskan King Salmon.

Many Alaskan go an entire lifetime without catching one of these magnificent God created creatures.

Second, I get to see what you don’t get to see. In my memory bank I have the privilege of seeing Coach TJ Scott, Head Coach at Metlakatla High School, loving and delighting in the opportunity to skipper his fishing boat with the sole purpose of helping four of us coaches catch a king Salmon.

My hope for my beloved WOH readers is to review your bucket list. Coach Logie has one off his list; however he has signed up for Metlakatla’s 2018 Basketball Camp.

Elegant questions: What is on your bucket list that you would like to accomplish this summer?  

What is on one of your loved ones or dear friends bucket list that you can help them accomplish this summer?

Coach Logie and Coach Scott will be friends forever because of this one time life experience.