HOPE is a favorable and confident expectation. Who should not want HOPE? It is light! The opposite is darkness, which is despair.
We can also say HOPE is:

  1. Gravity to hold us in place.
  2. Nutrition to fuel activity.
  3. Health drug for addictions.
  4. Oxygen for mental lungs.
  5. Bread for life.
  6. Water for souls.
  7. Anchor to our existence.
  8. Promise of eternal life.

Finding hope is a serious endeavor. Some seek HOPE in:

  1. Personal wealth.
  2. Love relationships.
  3. Fame.
  4. Adventure.
  5. Accomplishment.

This HOPE may be temporary. A friend said, “Father Time is undefeated. Death always wins.” Then what?

To me (a basketball-ologist, life-skills coach, amateur theologian), the ultimate HOPE rests in the answer to this one decisive question: Does life end in the grave, or does life never end? In other words, is there an eternity?

Personally, I lived several years without HOPE of ever seeing my mom again. Her death was the most bitter of all pills. Then a miracle happened. It became crystal clear that mom and I will be reunited in heaven. Other of my friends will be waiting for me, too. Because, without a doubt, Jesus beat Father Time. There is an eternity. When I chose to follow Jesus, His death then resurrection became my absolute guarantee. 

What a grateful assurance and HOPE for me in this world! HOPE is life eternal.