If you don’t look, you can’t see. If you don’t see, you miss glorious mountains, swift rivers, flowers that take your breathe away and, best of all, delightful people.  

This past weekend I visited the Crowell families. Anacortes is the gateway to the San Juan Islands. Fidalgo Island is the first of many majestic bodies resting above the Pacific Ocean. It is this side of heaven.


Our parents were born in this village once noted for fish canaries, pulp and lumber mills. Today tourism is the major industry, while two refineries provide many jobs. Two brothers and two sisters and a handful of friends draw me home from time to time.

As I viewed spectacular Anacortes, I imagined I tend to take the world’s artistry and grandeur for granted. I simply no longer see it. I don’t take time to look.

Someone was the first person to say, “Stop and smell the roses.”

Thankfully, three days in my boyhood town gave me opportunity to: see my mother’s grave; see magnificent rhododendrons and azaleas; see Mt Baker in her strength; see Guemes and Hat Islands with large and small boats pushing through blue waters.

My resolve is to use these two eyes the Lord has given me. Tonight on a walk with Susie, Spokane’s cherished flower, the Lilac, brought both beauty and fragrance.   


Gratitude brings the world into full color. When we take time to really see His creation, gratitude become our reality.

Enjoy this short video:

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