Yesterday I shared an email from a kind, knowledgeable lady in Alaska. It inspired me!  She questioned my use of the word “hate” regarding suicide, and she had valid reasons. 

For days I meditated, contemplated on the noun “hate.”  The dictionary reinforces its definition as extreme dislike or strong distrust.  Therefore, should I hate or should I not hate?  My first reaction was to agree with this mother and not use the word “hate” any longer.  

However, the wisest man, Solomon, had this to say in Proverbs:  “There are 6 things God hates, no 7…”  God’s hate is over anything that pulls people down, and it is His compassion that prompts this.  He gave Heaven’s finest that we might have the best.  Therefore, abhorring, detesting, disliking extremely, distrusting strongly, holding intense disgust and aversion are all a part of God’s hate.  We should hate what God hates which then makes possible for us to love what He loves.  He loves the victim even more! 

A good example is my cancer.  With cancer I can do no other: I extremely dislike, strongly distrust and deeply hate cancer.  Cancer is my cruel enemy, just as suicidal thoughts are a cruel enemy.  However, I neither dislike a cancer victim nor a suicidal victim. Both suffer equally and deserve our kindness, grace, and love. God’s grace and love are greater than any depression and melancholy!  This brings profound hope!