This is to be very personal, so let’s approach this as a personal one-on-one conversation even though it is a monologue. My dad used to say, “Fred was vaccinated with a phonograph needle.” ❤️☺️💕

The elegant crucible question: WHO IS YOUR LORD? In my opinion (which borders on factual), the answer to this question is as diverse as there is diversity in people. One person’s lord may be an enemy of another. Who knows? According to the dictionary, the lord of our life has “power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler.” The dictionary uses “lord of the sea” as an example. Other lords include:

  • Lord of things like wealth, fame, success, owning property, trophies.
  • Lord of people-worship like a sports star, famous actor, personal relationships (a spouse or a child).
  • Lord of self-worship which is the lord of life being all about me, me, and more me.
  • Lord of a place or name, using lord titles.
  • LORD of LORDS, making it crystal clear there can be only ONE Lord of Lords.

Although I did not use the term “lord” in my emancipation from teen to adulthood, my driving ambition was to be the one and only leader of my life. I guess I wanted to be Fred Crowell’s lord. For this reason, the most difficult intellectual challenge was lordship.

Jesus claimed to be the LORD of LORDS. Intellectually, I came to believe His claim was factual. Thus, the intellectual war was over. Jesus won. I knew He lived, was crucified, and was resurrected.

Now my battle became an emotional decision. I realized the bottom line was I did not want to make Jesus Lord of my life. I instinctively knew it would cost me too much. However, after nearly 60 years of being committed to the Lordship of Jesus, I can say the investment has been the best decision of my life.

I heartily recommend to you, plus to anyone and everyone, Jesus is more than worthy to be the one and only Lord of your life. Who is your Lord?

With sincerity, kindness, love and hope, I am Fred Crowell