We are in an intense and painful season of humanity. As a former basketball coach, I need to call a TIMEOUT. Coaches know teams need to reset when the game gets out of control. It appears to me, our game of life is out of control.

In this nationally tumultuous time, I want to express my important, lifelong core belief: EVERY SINGLE BLACK LIFE MATTERS. I am grateful to say this because it is a God-given truth:

  • God created all to be in His image, no matter the color.
  • God gave His Son Jesus to die for all on the cross, no matter the color.

I am also grateful because it has been my experience to know and love many blacks. Beyond words, several have had the greatest impact on my life, and many call my wife and me “mom and dad” or “grandma and papa.” They have my honor, love, and respect. I, for one, am a much better person because of my black brothers and sisters.

I have always desired to stand with the black community. I am heartbroken by the pain I continue to see with our nation’s disunity. Racism and social inequality have no place. I pray Jesus brings healing.

Please now let us get back in the game, demonstrating the deepest love, respect, kindness, and generosity to all.