Hope is the anchor to my soul.

The destination for Mr. And Mrs. C is our beloved Esperanza in Cabo San Lucas. We join the 4C’s. Jay, Jennifer, Kingston and Giovanna.  

The nice lady at the Alaska Airlines ticket counter said, “I am jealous.”

My response was, “I am really jealous of you,” which resulted in the response, “why?”

“Because I am 74 and I am not your age. I’ll trade you my trip to Mexico if we can change ages.”

Turned out 37 was her age. This would have been a bargain of a life time. Looks like I will have to suffer in Cabo instead of being youthful once again.

Esperanza means hope. I need hope.

You need hope. We need a strong anchor to keep us on task.

Peter called hope the anchor to our souls. Depression is the absence of hope. Suicide is the ultimate evidence of a life without hope.  

Peter held high regard for the word Hope. Paul was equally high on this word. He put the word hope in the same class as love and faith; with love being the greatest of the three.

Faith is the jet fuel to empower us to dream big dreams. Faith moves us to believe we can!

Love is the powerful rocket fuel that gives us the power to go beyond our given skill sets. Love is the greatest way to move people to greatness.

Hope gives us the never quit drive to push over or under or through the challenge. Hope keeps us centered.

During these 7 days at Esperanza, growing my hope factor is important to me. Thankfully we can grow our hope factor.  

How would you grow your hope factor?

If you are interested in what I learn about growing my hope factor, email me at within 7 days. I will send more information on all requests at one time.

We are all in this boat that we call life together. We need both life jackets and a worthy anchor. The anchor’s name is hope.