“If we are BUSY, we are too BUSY.”

The problem with being busy is the second we finish one task, we add another busy task to our to do list.

Crowell’s Law of BIZZY. (Yes that’s B-I-Z-Z-Y)

BIZZY – There is no time to:

  • Enjoy a meal with loved ones.
  • Take a prayer walk.
  • Be alone in your sacred garden with Abba Father.
  • Call a friend to say, “I just called to say I love you.”
  • Be right here, right now.
  • Think, talk, walk, act in rhythm with the universe.  
  • Live gratitude.
  • Experiencing the joy of having Holy Hands = Total forgiveness for all past offenses.

All peace and joy robbers in our lives.

Live in the yesterdays, and depression is your reward. Live in the tomorrows, and anxiety and fear will haunt you.

Live in precious present, the right here, right now; and light, love and life will shine from you because Jesus Christ destroys BIZZY.

Take a moment to rest in Philippians 4:4-9.

P.S. BIZZY is not business. There is a dramatic and costly difference. Wisdom is accurately being able to diagnose the difference.