How do you want to live?

Be careful now. This is not a trick question!

Seriously. How do you really want to live your life?

This is a question my mind has been trying to wrap around for weeks. This is what I have come up with this far:

  • I want to live in the moment; not yesterday, not tomorrow; right here, right now.
  • I want to love God with all my being; to know Jesus at a deeper level and to enjoy the blessed Holy Trinity.
  • I want to be enjoyable and a delight to my bride, Susie.
  • I want to be a loving, fun Papa to my children’s children.
  • I want to live, really live, and beat cancer.
  • I want to be a Game Changer. I delight in seeing people win LIFEBALL.
  • I want to get much better at being quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.
  • I want to move more and eat less.
  • I want to delight in all of creation; a flower, the stars, a child’s bright eyes, a rainbow, big day, shoveling snow, laughing with others.
  • I want to be joyful always, pray without ceasing and giving thanks in everything (even cancer) for this is God’s will for my life.

I want to die well and see my mom and other precious people in heaven; therefore I must live without resentment and bitterness toward those who I feel have wronged me. Forgiveness is vital for me to live well.

Again, the elegant question, how do you want to live?